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You Don't Have to be a High Level Athlete to be a Spartan

Being a Spartan is about being the best you. No matter your current fitness level, we're going to treat you like family and train you to be your own Spartan.

Spartan Fitness 360 is the Home of CrossFit Thermopylae. Our members experience amazing results in the gym. They lose fat, gain lean muscle, improve endurance, increase strength and become more flexible. But, it's the results they see in every other area of their life that keeps them motivated and engaged to keep training every week. More energy, confidence and motivation are things you can expect when you start training at Spartan Fitness 360.

If you're willing to train with us at least 3 times each week and generally follow what we tell you to eat, you're going to be surprised at how fast you begin to look and feel your best.


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Imagine What You Could Achieve If You Start Now

Our Facility

We believe that to be your best, you must surround yourself with encouraging people in a motivating atmosphere. That's why we have a facility that is full of positive energy and people. It's not so big that you get lost in the shuffle, missing out on the attention you need during workouts. But it's big enough to have plenty of space and freedom while you train. During the summer, we workout in our outdoor training area so we can take advantage of the nice weather and benefits of being outside in the sun.

  • LOVE training here. I am always traveling around the world and droping into different boxes and Spartan fitness is up there at the top of the list for favourite places to train. The amount of work done in a single workout and the variety of exercises that are included, shows how high quality the trainers are here. Ive walked in with an injury and providing me with modifications has never been a hassle. No mater what level you are at, you are always welcomed. Such a good vibe all round in this place.

    Carla Vangeli

  • If you're looking for a change-up in gyms, at a decent price [seriously worth every penny, without even breaking your bank account], with personal attention even in a group setting, this is definitely the place for you! Aroo!!

    Stephanie W.

  • If your interested in joining a community that is invested in increasing your overall fitness, this is the place to go. So many cross fit gyms fail to make you welcome (force), almost creating an environment where people are going to get hurt (dead lifting 400 pnds without a trainer). Furthermore, there always seems to be no investment in the individual fitness goals. The physical trainers at Spartan are all cross fit certified, down to earth, and care about your individual improvement.

    Vivian B.