Meet the CrossFit Coaches


The coaches at Spartan Fitness 360 are passionate about creating an environment that is motivational, welcoming and fun. We believe those components are necessary to get the most out of working out. Our community of members are some of the friendliest people you'll meet. Each time you walk in the door, you'll be inspired to give your best and the results will show it.
  • Daniel Heaney

    Co-Owner, Head Coach

    Daniel Heaney is the Co-Owner and Head Coach at Spartan Fitness 360. He loves working with people of all fitness levels to unlock their full potential.

    He’s passionate about empowering as many individuals as possible to adopt a healthy lifestyle, including fitness and nutrition.

    “I love seeing members perform movements and tasks they never thought possible!”

    Daniel is a lifelong athlete playing sports throughout high school and recreational sports in college. He currently competes in competitions put on by CrossFit affiliates and Spartan Races.

    After college, he opened Spartan Fitness 360 and now gets to live his passion everyday.

    His favorite quote is, “Continuous effort – not strength or intelligence – is the key to unlocking our potential.” – Winston Churchill


    • B.S. in Exercise and Wellness
    • CrossFit L-1
    • USAW Level 1
    • CrossFit Gymnastics
    • CrossFit Strongman
  • Guido Van Hemelryck

    Co-Founder, Head Coach

    Guido Van Hemelryck is the Co-Founder and Head Coach here at Spartan Fitness 360. He specializes in coaching people at all levels of fitness from beginners to military athletes and obstacle course racers.”I’m passionate about helping others find the inner Spartan Warrior we all carry inside and learning how to tap into that warrior mentality and skill set so we can be successful inside and outside the gym.”

    Guido enjoys helping members to grow exponentially in the realms of physical and mental strength and conditioning.”I love to see the change from “I can’t do this” to the “I can” mentality that is a hallmark of the Spartan Warrior/Athlete.”

    Guido brings with him a wealth of athletic training background. He is a black belt in Karate, First Dan in Kung Fu, Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu. He enjoys getting outdoors to surf, hike and climb. He was a collegiate level soccer player. Guido enjoys competing in extreme endurance adventures and has completed multiple Spartan Races and one Goruck Challenge.

    You’ll find that Guido’s lifelong passion of helping others to find their inner warrior is going to set you up to be your best.


    • CrossFit L1, Gymnastics, Weightlifting, Kettlebell, Strongman
    • C.S.C.C (NSCA)
    • CPT (NASM)
    • CES (NASM)
    • Sports Nutrition (Precision Nutrition)
    • SGX L2 (Spartan Race)
    • TRX L2, Rip Trainer L1
    • TRX Force Certified
    • US Navy Corpsman (FMF)(Ret.)
    • BA in Philosophy & Psychology, Masters in Education, Masters in Business.
  • John Viveiros

    Head Coach

    John Viveiros is the Head Coach here at Spartan Fitness 360. He enjoys training people from many different fitness backgrounds achieve results in the way they look, feel and perform

    His passion is helping others. “I love giving motivation to people and helping them reach their goals.”

    John lives an active lifestyle not only in the gym, but also outside the gym. He enjoys skateboarding and snowboarding. He’s completed a Goruck Challenge and a couple Spartan Races.

    John decided to begin coaching CrossFit after he experienced the amazing results from this type of training. “I wanted to give back to the same community that I loved and gave me so much.”


    • CrossFit L-1 Trainer
    • CrossFit Gymnastics
    • Spartan Fitness 360 Certified Coach
  • Wendy Heaney

    Gym Mom

    Wendy Heaney is a coach at Spartan Fitness 360 and we also call her the Gym Mom. She’s passionate about helping all ages and fitness levels experience results from CrossFit.

    “I love to see the attitude of our members as they come in with a smile on their face, ready to go again and face a new challenge.”

    Wendy has lived an active lifestyle since she was a child and went on to become a collegiate swimmer.

    Although she has an athletic background, she found her health going in a direction she was not happy about. That’s when her and her husband found CrossFit. She was so motivated by the change it brought to her life and health, she wanted to share it with others and became a coach.

    Wendy’s favorite quote is, “The only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday.”


    • CrossFit L-1
    • Spartan Fitness 360 Certified Coach
  • Randy Abardo


    Randy Abardo is a coach here at Spartan Fitness 360. He enjoys working with members of all fitness levels to help them reach their goals.

    “I love coaching because it helps others see the positive changes workouts create inside and outside the gym.”

    Randy has always been into an active lifestyle. He played sports in high school and calls himself an “old school gym rat” before he discovered CrossFit.


    • Spartan Fitness 360 Certified Coach
  • Cam McColl

    Coach, Chief Financial Officer

    Cam McColl is a Coach and the Chief Financial Officer here at Spartan Fitness 360. As a coach, he relates to a diverse range of athletes with a diverse range of goals.

    “My unique background that has brought me to the point of coaching, has enabled me to relate to a wide range of athletes in our community. My competitive drive allows me to push the top athletes, while my experience allows me to relate to the very beginner as well.”

    Cam has always been driven by a desire to help others achieve their goals. Whether it was coaching youth baseball camps, working with younger athletes on varsity sports teams, or practicing with friends, he has always enjoyed seeing others progress and improve.

    The one thing Cam loves best about coaching is seeing the progression from when a member first walks in the door to where they are now.

    “There’s nothing better than seeing our members become healthier, more confident people.”

    Cam’s favorite quote is by legendary coach John Wooden: “The true test of a man’s character is what he does when no one is watching.”

    Cam say, “I think it applies to all aspects of life, and definitely to your journey to being healthier, and more fit. You have to hold yourself accountable to achieve any goals you set for yourself.”


    • CrossFIt L-1
    • CrossFit Certified Judge
    • SpartanFitness 360 Certified Coach
  • Jeremy Harjo


    What do you specialize in…..motivation and encouragement….

    What are you passionate about….Fitness.  I love pushing myself and others to be able to live full and healthy lives outside the gym.  And I love the outdoors especially fishing. Nothing beats being on the water on a spring morning. Best feeling ever. The rest of the world just fades away.

    What do you love most about coaching your members….Seeing their growth over time both mentally and physically. Seeing the confidence in being able to complete a workout or shove a heavy barbell overhead is something you can’t measure. That is something that people walk out of the gym with everyday.  And being a part of that is such a blessing and a very gracious aspect of coaching.  They take it back into the world and it carries over to the other aspects of their life. It’s truly amazing.

    What is your athletic background….I played 3 years of HS basketball back in Oklahoma as well as 2 years of baseball. I loved being involved in competitive sports.

    How did you end up being a Crossfit coach…..I came to the gym straight from a globo gym with a friend who had asked several times before my first visit.  After several attempts to get me in the door, I finally agreed I’d give it a shot. I had always been against Crossfit. Though I’d get hurt like most people probably do but I was hooked as soon as I walked in. The barbells clanging, the loud music and all the excitement on the members faces was something that I had never experienced before. It was the encouragement that was offered from everyone in class to keep pushing and finish the workout. I’ve been back ever since.  I love learning the aspects of fitness and movement and always had a passion to want to coach. This was a perfect fit for me.  Everything I’ve ever wanted under one roof.
    What’s your favorite quote…”You can’t live a perfect day without doing something for someone who will never be able to repay you”  John Wooden.


    • SpartanFitness 360 Certified Coach
  • Amanda Henry


    Mental toughness, endurance, personal training
    Witnessing and influencing people become healthy and happy through my approach to wellness called the trifecta of wellness where fitness is pursued in three key aspects (mind, body and spirit).
    Diversity- all age groups, abilities, and levels of athlete from brand new to being active at all to the uber CrossFitters our Spartans show up and show out and that makes me proud to be a Spartan.
    I have been an athlete all my life though I haven’t always looked  like one. Life can wear you down sometime but you have a choice to make so I took my life back. A runner at heart, I have run numerous marathons and specialty races (mud runs, functional fitness run, mud run, and Spartan races), half marathons, 10ks, 5ks,  and even an ultra (yes, I’m that kind of crazy).  Placing in the top 10% with podium finishes in multiple events.
    It was a natural fit. I have coached cross country, soccer, cheerleading, and rugby in the past.  Leading athletes is what I love. A lifestyle of activity and a drive for excellence led me to CrossFit and specifically Spartan 360.
    Make it a great day or NOT, the choice is yours!
    Yes, what you see is really what you get. Expect me to be goofy at times and hard at times. Expect me to say things sometimes that sounded great in my head but came out all wrong.  Just ask me to clarify, it’s nothing more than me thinking faster than I get the words out.  Final thing, Expect me to expect the best from you and we will get along great!


    • CF LV-1
    • CF Endurance Trainer
    • SpartanFitness 360 Certified Coach
    • More than 2 years
  • Alex Quinn

    Bad Ass MoFo Coach

    What do you specialize in? Eating food and deadlifts

    What are you passionate about?  Working towards being the best version of myself

    What do you love most about coaching your members? Seeing people get stronger and achieving their goals

    What is your athletic background? Any notable accomplishments?: USAPL Member/ 2016 USAPL Newport Open Competitor

    How did you end up as a CrossFit coach? What path brought you here? Trying something new. Wanting to learn more about strength and movement.

    What’s your favorite quote? “Sssssuuuuuuzzuuuhhhhtttt!!”

    Is there anything else you want people to know about you? Forest Gump might be the best movie ever made


    • Spartan Fitness 360 Certified Coach
    • CrossFitting: 3 Years
  • Thomas Heaney

    Gym Dad

    What do you specialize in? All around fitness (nothing special).

    What are you passionate about? Maintaining my health and fitness regimen despite my physical limitations

    What do you love most about coaching your members? Assisting members in their development, watching them grow in their abilities, and achieving their goals.

    What is your athletic background; any notable accomplishments? I’ve played many sports over my life. I love to compete. My HS football team won the state championship in my senior year. I was the quarterback.

    How did you end up as a CrossFit coach? What path brought you here? After I retired from the Army I needed to get into a tailored fitness program. I had a lot of limitations due to injury and overuse. CrossFit was the perfect fit, it challenged me to address those areas while building my overall fitness levels.

    What’s your favorite quote? The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary. Vince Lombardi

    Is there anything else you want people to know about you? I’m Dan’s Dad.


    • Spartan Fitness 360 Certified Coach
    • CrossFitting: 4 years
  • Ana Azevedo


    Years CrossFitting: The 2015 CrossFit open was a life changer

    What do you specialize in? Crafting well-rounded athletes

    What do you love most about coaching your members? Pushing people past their limits both mentally and physically. Believing in them so they start believing in themselves. Positive energy is contagious.

    What are you passionate about? Working hard every day to achieve maximum well-rounded growth as an athlete

    How did you end up as a CrossFit coach? What path brought you here? A party girl at heart , I found out CrossFit met a lot of my fitness desires. I became a coach because I felt like I could relate to members of our community, help them reach their potential and exceed their expectations.

    Is there anything else you want people to know about you? If I am tough on you it’s because I believe in you.


    • Spartan Fitness 360 Certified Coach


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